Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Fairfax County has the famous fox that we all call "White Legs" (see previous post on White Legs here: A Friend of White Legs" but what famous fox does Loudoun County have?

The answer:  Loudoun County is home to a red fox that we'll call "Rat-Tail".

Rat-Tail is a unique red fox with a tail that is not bushy at all.  It is unknown why this fox looks like this.  It could be mange, disease, parasites, genetics, injury, or self-inflicted, we just don't know yet.

Rat-Tail first appeared on camera-trap images last year, then went A.W.O.L. for months, until now.  Rat-Tail could be a male or a female, there's no telling yet.

This fox could have a mate, since we have seen it romping around with another red fox lately.  It came across this camera in the daytime, just trotting by in a very canine-like fashion with its nose down.  It didn't stop at all by the camera, and continued on quickly.


  1. I saw a black squirrel outside my apartment in Arlington on Friday. How can I contact you to tell you where?

    1. David, thanks for the comment and the blog visit. Shoot me an email to Black squirrels that are in Loudoun have been hiding from my cameras for months now. I see them all the time but so tricky to get on trail-cams for some reason. Keep in touch.