Sunday, February 16, 2014

Skunks in the Snow

The Centreville skunks have been out and about in the snow.  Like the raccoons around here, skunks are a lot more active in the night than in the day.

I was surprised that I didn't smell the noxious odor of a skunk when checking the camera on a large plot of land in Centreville, Virginia yesterday. I usually do smell it first.

We can clearly see here that there are two individuals walking in front of the camera.  One is a lot darker than the other, with most of its coat being black.  The other contains lots of white.

The coats of skunks vary greatly in color, but they all stink terribly.


  1. Been getting a lot of skunk shots lately also.

  2. Nice pictures! For some reason, I don't really mind the smell of skunks at a distance unless they're dead. The skunk smell reminds me a bit of Beck's beer.