Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spot the Deer

Let's play a game called "Spot the Deer"
I promise you, there is a white-tailed deer in this photo.  Can you see it?

Told you there was one in the photo.

This was a camera trap set that I had recently put up to see what was in one a few small meadows that I visit.  It only stretches for a few acres but splitting right down the middle of it is a small creek. 

This small creek was once damned up by beavers, creating a pond.  The pond built up and covered a small section of woods.  Trees in these woods got their roots rooted out, died, and that is how this small meadow in the middle of a forest was made.

Hint: If you're still stuck on trying to find it, it is staring right at you in the middle of the picture, slightly to the left.

I checked this spot almost daily for results so I did not expect anything too exciting due to the lingering human scent that I kept leaving.  A red fox (vulpes vulpes) made its way through though along with all the deer.

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