Monday, February 18, 2013

Thanks to Arin Greenwood and The Huffington Post

One of my main goals in creating this blog was to educate people on what kind of wildlife is actually in the area, could be in our area, and might be in their backyards.  It is so nice to see people asking questions and for them to be astonished on the fact that we have these animals here in the most northern parts of Virginia.

Arin Greenwood over at The Huffington Post contacted me a bit ago wanting more information on what exactly I do and what my experiences camera trapping have been.

Read her posting here:

I enjoyed reading her writing and was very happy with how it got more people involved with my blog and that they have hopefully learned a little more about what animals are lurking around them on a daily basis.

I wanted to write this blog post to personally thank her.  Thank you Arin for your passion and interest into the local wildlife and for wanting to know more about what exactly I do.

Also, in the world of camera trapping and wildlife, The Discovery News team recently published their, "Top 10 Wildlife Camera Trap Wildlife Photos".  I find these "Top #" lists very interesting and have seen similar ones from National Geographic and many other famous publications.

For more info and to view Discovery's own top 10, visit the link below.

My favorite image was the one of the chimpanzee peering into the camera.  I've had a few animals do the same thing, but can barely relate to the photo at all, as the areas that I camera trap in do not contain wild and native chimps.

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  1. Very cool, Brian! Congrats on getting some exposure and some nice blog hits :)