Tuesday, February 5, 2013

'Coon Closeups

I got a little too close to the animal on this set, although, I did get some decent results.

An old, hollowed out tree was the scene.  It was a perfect ramshackle shack for a few resident raccoons.

Here's a curious one.  That vertical tree right there is tough to see but it's very hollowed out.

The hole is at the bottom of the tree and goes up to a little above where the raccoon is in the picture.

I put another camera on the inside of the tree through this hole and had a pretty good idea that i would get some videos of raccoons messing with my camera.

I was correct in thinking this!  

The raccoons not only played with my camera, but also gnawed on a chain that it was connected to, defecated on the entire camera, and tried to work open the small padlock on it. 

Here is what a "Coon Closeup" looks like from inside their home.
I'm not going to show you any video of a pooping raccoon, so you'll have to visualize that yourself if you want to. 

But anyway, here is another video of one wondering why there is a camera in its home.

I took the cameras down from this set a bit ago until I can find out a better way to diffuse the infrared flashes.   I could also try to move the camera from the inside to make it higher, so that the raccoons are farther away from it. 

Either way, it wasn't a terrible set for camera trapping and I was glad to prove to myself that there were in fact, raccoons living in this tree.


  1. What's up with the video quality? That's too bad it looks like that. Also, I would've enjoyed seeing the poop video! Comical, to say the least.

    1. Yeah the video quality took a bad turn when I uploaded them to blogger. The video isn't too bad at all normally when I view it alone from my file (except for the obvious washed out image of a raccoon caught in the bright IR flash).