Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Warm Winter's New Sets

It's been unseasonably warm this winter in Virginia.  We still have yet to see more than an inch of snow in my area which means the cross country skis are still hung up and animal tracks are still in mud instead of snow.  There is no reason to fret though because this winter has harbored some interesting sights in the natural world  for new places to camera trap.
 Here is a quick overview of some of my newest camera trap sets to look forward to:

  1. Dead deer again (I'll call this set, "The Downed Buck"). A different deer has died in the park! I stumbled across this deer only a few days after taking down the cameras at the other deer in the last post  It is also located not even 200 yards from where the other deer's bones lay.  A young buck most likely killed on the road by a car; he is now the centerpiece of two camera's field of views.  I placed a camera trap there and checked it the next day just to see what I got.  Red fox came by and that was it.  I can assume that there will be more foxes, raccoons, feral cats, and domestic dogs around the area.  Will a coyote come by to take a look?
  2. Squirrel and Bird Set #1.  Peanut butter and bird seed (both legal bait for birds in Virginia) have been placed to attract squirrels and birds alike.  My fellow employees and I have our fingers crossed that we will get some shots of a flying squirrel, but that could be too much of wishful thinking.
  3. River Den Set #1.  A seemingly promising location, this den has four entrances (2 of which are over 1 foot wide) and is only about 5 feet from the bank of the Potomac River in Riverbend Park in Fairfax County.  Fresh scat of a light gray-brown color and containing fish scales was found on a mound a few inches from an entrance.  Could it be the den of an otter, mink, or weasel? Will I get more camera trap images of another fox or raccoon? We'll see some results starting in a week or two.
  4. Meadow Set #4.   Deer and raccoons have came by in the first week already.  We're looking specifically for some carnivores here such as red foxes, gray foxes, bobcats, and coyotes.  I set up two cameras (one video, and one set for stills) at this location located on a game trail in Riverbend Park's famous meadow.
I am thrilled to have gotten the cameras up and running in these hopeful locations but I am specifically excited to see the results of the new sets in Riverbend Park (River Den Set #1 and Meadow Set #4).
Some self-proclaimed "exterior decorating"  at  River Den Set #1 in Riverbend Park, Fairfax  County


  1. Check out my blog for flying squirrel camera trap pics- I got some this past fall! We have multiple bird feeders in a tree, and we've counted 14 flyers in one night. So, I laid a camera on it's back pointing it up the tree. Success!

  2. Oh wow that is really exciting! Both my camera trap and baits are a few inches above ground level. If I don't have any luck, I'll but the camera belly up like you did. Thank you for the info, it is much appreciated!