Sunday, August 3, 2014

More Fairfax Coyotes

This one is a full-grown adult coyote that looks beefy, muscular, and pretty furry.

It may have some genetics of wolf in it, making it a hybrid or coy-wolf, but there's no telling from just a camera-trap image.

Either way,  it's a big one.

What's odd is that this coyote came by the camera very quickly (on both the second and the third nights), when usually coyotes appear on trail cam around the 5th night or later.

I put up a few more cameras in the area, so I'll check back in a few days to see what else is around.


  1. We had them living in the woods behind our house during the summer of 2012. It was fascinating and kicked off an obsession I have a hard time satisfying. Got to see a couple adults, a couple pups, and heard them howl nearly every night. They're such intriguing (and sometimes haunting) creatures. I hope we can learn to educate the public to live with them and not treat them as vermin.

  2. Thats awesome! Was there a den there? What's your location?

  3. I just received your response on the Fairfax forum about coyotes. Thank you for the links to your blog. They are wonderful and very informative. I was hoping to ask you a few questions about your wildlife surveying, as I'm very interested in learning more. Thanks Brian

    1. Erin, thanks for checking out the blog! Ask away but keep in mind some of my research is done for county governments and other organizations, where to answer any questions and represent them, I'll have to direct you to public information officers first. BUT, most general information and blog specific questions, I can answer. The best way to reach me is emailing Ask away!