Sunday, January 19, 2014

Do Hawks Scavenge In Winter?

The simple answer to the title question is: Yes, hawks scavenge in winter.  In fact, winter is the only time that I have gotten camera-trap images of hawks scavenging.

I'm not saying that hawks don't ever scavenge in other times of the year, but I find it really interesting how often they do in the winter months.
This red-shouldered hawk is just absolutely beautiful.  It came up to a deer carcass and didn't seem to mind the crows that were also there.   The crows didn't seem to mind the hawk there, and they all ate without fighting at all.

The above picture is another red-shouldered hawk at a different camera that I put out.  These cameras were about a quarter mile apart.  Could this be the same hawk?

Here are a few other pictures of it.  The pictures are a bit blurry due to condensation on the lense.

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