Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Camera-Trapped Owl and Others

Here's a lucky picture that I recently got.

I had absolutely no idea that an owl would come near this camera.  It's probably dumb luck that it just happened to sit on that small log in front of the camera.  The date stamp on this camera should once again be ignored since it is wrong.

Other visitors included a night-time turkey and a daytime raccoon.

This week, I'm fairly busy with work, but am planning on making it out to Lucketts, Va to put up a camera on a new piece of property.  There are also plans to do another trip out to Leesburg, Va to check cameras and deploy 4 more cameras, fix the otter den camera in Great Falls, Va, and possibly (if there is any time at all left), head back out to Bluemont, Va to check the bear camera once again.

Sterling, Va cameras will be checked next week along with 2 more Great Falls cameras in a meadow.  The latter part of next week will be spent working and checking 2 cameras that I set out in Arlington, Va.


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