Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Northern Virginia Coyotes: Part II

Fairfax County coyote.  Photo Courtesy:  Renee Grebe
Last month, this blog got a lot of views from a post titled "Northern Virginia Coyotes", and from that, a lot of people contacted me and inquired about coyotes.  I was astonished at how many people have seen them around here, and learned a lot from discussing all things canines with them.

Fellow bloggers, naturalists, wildlifers, Facebook friends, and other hunters have sent me what they've seen.
Some of them have agreed to allow me to post their information and images onto here, which I greatly appreciate.  

Let's take a look some photos others have gotten around here.  First and foremost, direct your attention to the picture above at the top of this blog post.  This was taken by Renee Grebe.  Renee Grebe is an avid wildlife enthusiast in Northern Virginia and has taken some amazing photos of coyotes in the immediate Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  Amazing!

Below are more pictures from Renee and other people, some I've worked with doing trail cameras on their properties, others who I have just gotten in contact with.  I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do, as they are purely from in or around D.C.'s infamous beltway traffic.

Here's one from Sterling, Virginia right at Cascades Parkway.

That above picture has a coyote that may be suffering from mange.  It looks a bit skinny and possibly missing fur.

Below are some trail camera picture's from a property in Prince William County last month. 

Below these is one from one of my buddies named Cameron.  I've got trail cameras on his property, and he has agreed to let me use some of his trail camera pictures as well.  It's much appreciated, and I'm always glad to do small deals like that.

...and of course, another one of Renee's phenomenal coyote pictures.
Coyote sitting in Fairfax, Virginia.  Look at that face!  Photo Courtesty:  Renee Grebe
As for me though, I've also been getting some good coyote pictures lately.  Below are a few that I just got last night.

It doesn't just end here though with photographs for research.  There's a project that I have just recently gotten involved in with Princeton University and various parks departments and authorities around here.  
Doing some coyote sampling for the genetics projects.
We're collecting samples to send away to have various northern Virginia coyotes tested and determined for wolf and dog genetics.

I'm very excited to be part of the collection of this research and am curious to where the project will take us.

As always, if you know of any coyotes around, let me know by commenting below so that they may be added to camera-trap research or other survey projects.