Friday, November 8, 2013

Woolly Bear Predictions

They say that you can predict the harshness of the upcoming winter by looking at the brown and black bands on a woolly bear.

Which of these woolly bears am I supposed to believe though?

I took these a few days ago in Leesburg, Va. 
To me, this critters aren't any sort of reliable weather predicting source.
The talk around Loudoun and Fairfax Counties has been snow for the past few days.  We haven't had any yet this season, but it is supposedly in the forecast for next week.

Nobody knows for certain of course.

If it does snow, camera-trapping will still continue.  There's no doubt about that.


  1. I love the pics I get after a snow.
    I've seen a lot of solid black woolly bears this year. That's suppose to mean a severe winter but I'm not a believer in the woolly bear predictions.

  2. I too have seen varying widths of the stripe but have also heard a report of a solid one - maybe that is rare. The forecasters are saying it won't be an especially bad winter but time will tell!