Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Great Falls Camera Check

There's multiple cameras working for me right now in Great Falls, Virginia.  I switch these ones around a lot to try to get different animals in different settings.  I recently moved some of them off an otter den to put in other parts of the woods.

One of these cameras, I decided, would be placed along a small stream in a forested area of hickories, oaks, and beech trees.

I had some help placing this camera with friend, and local blogger, Nick.  He's got a great blog that covers his views and opinions on sports.  It was good catching up with him and I thank him for coming along and helping me out. See the sports action that he covers here:

We talked blogging, sports, and wildlife while wading through some ferns off-trail.  Eventually, we got to a decent spot for a camera.  Batteries were checked, an SD card was slipped in, and the camera was propped up on a tree.

It sat there for a week and got a few videos of deer walking by, and that's it.  I was really surprised to see only deer videos, since the small stream a few yards away was pocked with tracks of raccoons, muskrats, and squirrels.

I'm better off putting this camera back at the otter den again.

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