Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Bears

Another bear came by to say hello to one of my cameras.  It's a young one, as you may be able to tell by its small size.

This camera set comes from Bluemont, Virginia and was the one that I put up in a previous post (Into the Appalachians).

Now here is where I'm going to get a little analytical with these photos.

This bear had its picture taken at 11:10PM on April 14th.  The bears in my last post (Loudoun County Bears) had their pictures taken on the same date at just about exactly the same time.

I am estimating the populations of these animals by looking at the times of the pictures and how far away the cameras are from other cameras.

These bears cannot be the same bears since the cameras are miles apart from each other with a picture at the same time.

Loudoun County has way more bears than I ever would have thought.


  1. Replies
    1. Alyssa, there's got to be more bears around you than where I live.

  2. If there are, they are not showing any sign! No pics, no tracks, no marking, no roadkills!

  3. Nice pics, I haven't seen any bears yet this year but will check my camera this weekend. A pretty heavy potted tree in my driveway was turned over (something scraping in the mulch). Btw, I added a link to your blog to my site.

    1. Sweet!

      I'm hoping to see some more bears on your site soon. Also, thanks for putting a link to my blog on it!

    2. Hey brian did you lose a walking stick? On AT? Im on loudon ,clarke co. Line usually see a bear each year. Usually spring.

    3. Yes I did lose a stick somewhere around there hiking a few weeks ago. It had my name carved in it along with places ive hiked recently. Did you find it?!

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    5. Yea, found it mushroom hunting. Cant tell you where dont need more hunters. Lol
      Chris craven

    6. Your stick is safe. The tiny bit of red paint over you name caught my eye. It was hard to see all the trails you hiked until it dried. Its very nice. I know it is important too you come get it. Im in bluemont clarke side.

    7. Thank you so much!
      It may be a few short weeks before I am in that area again, but I will definitely be back to check cameras and to pick up the stick. I'll keep in contact with you. Thanks again!

  4. Shit! Hes back 10:51pm I got pic with camera yea!!
    Good pic that time. From directly over top of him. Im terrible with computer stuff. Ill get help to post pics. My deck is over top trash cans. I need to remove window screen that is next to can before he comes back.