Saturday, July 9, 2016

Building My Own

With the help of other photographers, hunters, and trail camera users, I am beginning to build my own trail cameras with DLSR cameras.  

It's tricky. It's challenging. It's exciting!

Here is one of the first decent pictures of mine to come from a "home-brewed" DSLR camera trap. The animal isn't centered and the focus is a bit off, but still, I'm new at these homemade ones.

It's going to be challenging to get all the best shots with this new device, but tomorrow, I am planning to put it where bears are known to show up almost daily.

We'll check it next week.

1 comment:

  1. Homebrewed trail cameras are very satisfying, I've been building them for a number of years now. But, I'm too cheap to use a DSLR when I can get very good photos from hacked a point-and-shoot. Besides, a DSLR requires a much larger case and is therefore harder to conceal from the wandering human slugs that will steal anything they find in the forest.

    In any event, enjoy the hobby -- warning, it's very addicting -- and the photos you get from your cameras.